your future
marketing department

Here are the main resources that will be part of your daily marketing activities. Other resources will collaborate depending on the nature of the mandate.

Jinny Nadeau

Marketing Director

Jinny has over 20 years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing, in many industries such as the retail business and tourism, along with manufacturing. With her degree in communications from Grand Rapids University, Michigan, in hand, Jinny then worked at renowned ad agency Cossette, as well as Image de Mark and at an American firm specialized in digital marketing. She also worked on the customer side as Marketing Director at one of Canada’s largest shopping malls, Laurier Québec, and Place Ste-Foy, in addition to Bizou, Souris Mini and IDC Dermo.

What drives her? Marketing planning, digital marketing, e-commerce and especially measurable results!

Stéphanie Bradet-Desgagné

Marketing Coordinator

A graduate of Laval University in Business Administration, Stéphanie combines 8 years of experience in marketing and project management. She has worked in many areas such as engineering, telecommunications, the restaurant and retail business, and has actively contributed to the success of various organizations in a key position in the planning and execution of 360 strategies. Her versatility, as well as her organizational and prioritizing skills make her the perfect orchestra conductor to lead your mandates to term perfectly!

What drives her? Managing several projects, advising a client, guiding a creative team, keeping track of a production budget, being the link between stakeholders… in other words, avoiding a routine!

Katy Veilleux

Graphic Designer

Working in the field of communications for over 10 years, Katy masters all the steps required to complete a marketing project. She accumulates diplomas! AEC in Web Design and Integration, Google Analytics Certification, DEP in Computer Graphics, DEC in Arts and Letters! Her varied experience and training will make her the number one ally for all your projects! Katy will assist in the day-to-day operation of the mandates. She will support you in the graphic files as well as in the coordination of the various tools.

What drives her? The Web, efficient designs and above all, work well done on time!

Gina Brochu

Bilingual Writer (French & English)

With over 30 years of experience writing copy and translating content in B2B and B2C marketing, Gina has used her talents and skills in many fields such as manufacturing, retail industry, design and real estate, and the restaurant business, among others. Writing copy in both English and French with ease, she adapts to your objectives and needs for utmost results. Holding a B.A. in translation and terminology from Laval University, she has worked with BainUltra, Souris Mini and Bizou, as well as at an ad agency, in addition to evolving in public relations and the publication of a magazine.

What drives her? Strategic communications, the correct term and expertly written texts and their efficiency, and making your business shine!

François Bourgault

Senior Marketing Strategist

François is an experienced manager who is rigorous, pragmatic and creative. With his 30 years of experience in sales and marketing management and his great capacity for analysis and synthesis, he quickly understands the issues and challenges of marketing the companies he works with, particularly in a B2B context. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Administration and an MBA in Management, which gives him a global vision of organizations. He has served on several executive committees during his career.

What drives him? Strategic marketing, analysis of the competitive environment, the why, the sales pitch, effective marketing communication.